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Protect your Civcraft reputation by proving that you're you
No need to enter your Minecraft password

Add CivID to your website

Want to verify your users? Tired of writing login and password management code? Integrating with CivID couldn't be easier.

  1. To log someone in, send them to
    Provide these parameters in the URL:
    The URL of a page in your app that will handle the login.
    An optional string that will get passed back with the identifying user so you can keep track of them.
  2. When the user clicks Identify, they will get redirected to your redirect_uri page with these query parameters:
    An identity code that can be exchanged for the user's Minecraft username. These expire after 30 seconds.
    The state you sent along with the user
  3. From your application's server, make a GET request to with the code you got from step 2. You will get a JSON response like this:
      "user": "lgp30",
      "display_name": "LGP30"
    The verified canonical Minecraft username in all lowercase.
    The canonical capitalization of the username. This could be changed by the user.